Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a long distance endurance ride that calls on the warrior spirit by testing physical, mental and emotional boundaries. Each rider who enters the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is physically and strategically prepared to battle the elements and the unknown.

In 2016, Jupiter resident Frank and his buddy Reg decided to sign up and ride.  With the challenge starting in Temecula, CA, they had some good saddle time in (3200 miles with the route they took to get to California) before even starting the daunting Hoka Hey.  Setting out from Palm Casino and resort in Temecula, the route took them through death valley on day one in the middle of the heat wave running across the country at the time, a great way to break them in to the challenges, riding in 12o+ degree weather and having to push through without the option to stop and wait for the heat to pass.

A day later, they found themselves on the back roads in Oregon, riding past snow capped mountains with snow still on the ground here and there.

The interesting part of the Hoka Hey is that you are not allowed to check into hotels, you lay your head down beside your bike every night and grab as good a 4 or 5 hours as you can before placing your ass in the saddle and doing it all over again.

There are 3 checkpoints along the way, all at Harley dealerships, where you can tend to any issues, get your bike serviced, grab something to snack on while you wait, and if you are lucky have a dealership knows how to really make a difference, offer you a hot shower!!!